Monday, 28 May 2012

Small Sided Football Is The Future For Young Players

TN5's Comments On Today's FA Announcement

The Football Association has today announced that plans to introduce mandatory small sided games for the younger age groups have been given the go ahead, after receiving the backing of an 87% majority from the grass roots community.

National Development Manager Nick Levett stated 'These changes are desperately needed to support the future development of youth football'.

TN5 supports these proposals and believes that small sided football has a significant role to play in the development of our players of the future. Involving young people far more in games by ensuring they receive and pass the ball more often, can only be a positive in developing their technique and producing players that are comfortable in possession.

Nick Levitt added, 'We also need an approach to competition that makes the game more competitive for more children'.

Again, this is something TN5 endorse. Often the debate about skills development in young players is that competition is detrimental to players developing the right skills. Yet competition is the essence of sport in general and particularly for football, it is a key element that makes football the best sport in the world. We cannot afford to completely discard the competitive element.

TN5's approach combines small sided football with an element of healthy competition to ensure games are competitive and interesting for participants. Over the 'season' players have an individual goal to aim for in a league of their peers, providing competition and greater interest for players whilst the coaches can focus on developing the players' skills.

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