Monday, 20 May 2013

Ex-Premier League Player Brian Deane Supports TN5

The former England international and current Norwegian Top Division Manager shares his views on The New Five A-Side

Brian Deane, the fans' favourite and first ever goal scorer in the English Premier League, has had a long and successful footballing career. Playing for teams such as Sheffield Utd, Leeds Utd and Benfica, as well as England,  Brian retired from playing in 2006. Since then, Brian has continued to be heavily involved in the game going on to establish his International Academy for Football and Education (IAFE), supporting great initiatives such as 'Kick Racism Out of Football' and The Princes Trust, and has now taken his first role in football management with Sarpsborg 08 in the Norwegian top flight.

Brian became interested in TN5 during its developmental stages and has been supportive of The New Five A-Side and its aims ever since. 'I am passionate about young footballers learning important life skills and working towards recognised qualifications whilst playing a game they love, and TN5 provides an opportunity for this. It's a great new approach to the game of 5 a-side that can be used by players of all different footballing abilities. Young people have the chance to organise their own league of friends or classmates and compete against each other in a safe, friendly environment learning valuable skills like leading, officiating and organising along the way'.

TN5 is the perfect way to engage young people in the sport. Running and organising their own league helps them to develop valuable skills that can often contribute towards attaining formal qualifications. The competitive format of short, sharp games and their own league of friends and classmates maintains their interest and will to succeed. This appeals to Brian who adds, 'Sport teaches young people many skills and TN5 enhances the development of organizational and leadership skills for their future lives. Competing in a friendly environment helps to develop the resilience that will serve them well in adulthood'.

You can read about Brian's work with The International Academy for Football and Education at and you can follow him on Twitter@deanobri1968.

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