Thursday, 18 July 2013

Challenge Yourself With

Find out how you can boost your confidence today

At we are not just about football. We believe in making life as fulfilling as possible, whether that is through sport or academic study. We support the growth and healthy development of young people through any form of hobby or interest. With this in mind, we are challenging members of the tnfive community to challenge themselves. 

Why are challenges important?

Mrs Tnfive on a charity Firewalk
Challenges of any kind can help to build self-confidence and self-esteem. Both are vital ingredients for the well-rounded individual. When we overcome obstacles that we thought were difficult or even impossible, our confidence and self-belief grows immensely. You may remember as a young child trying to learn a new skill. Did you learn overnight? Probably not. Were there tears and feelings of frustration as you battled to get to grips with the task at hand? Undoubtedly. Did you feel phenomenal once you had mastered your new found skill? Absolutely! Nothing worth doing is ever easy, but that feeling of getting over one of life's hurdles makes it all worthwhile.

Achievable goals

So who are we to tell you you need to challenge yourself? Well, we are just like you. Ordinary people. However, we just try to be that little bit extraordinary at times by stretching ourselves in ways we thought would previously be impossible. Over the past ten years between us we have racked up over 95km in charity runs, a tandem skydive and we've even walked over burning hot embers for a charity firewalk. Now don't worry, we're not expecting you to do the same sort of things! All we ask is that you set yourself a small, manageable goal and go for it.

Some good examples of achievable goals could include:

  • Running a mile non-stop
  • Scoring a goal in your next competitive football match
  • Getting your best grade ever in a subject that you find difficult
  • Eating healthily for at least a month
All of the above are simple challenges that can be achieved if you put your mind to it, and can be worked towards in your daily life. You don't need to drag yourself over hot coals to prove you are a superstar. Just choose a sensible goal and with determination you will feel your confidence and self-esteem soar.

Coming in to land after a 10,000ft skydive

Share your achievements

Don't forget to let us know about your achievements so that we can share them with the rest of the tnfive community. Simply email your story (along with an optional photo) to and we will publish your achievements, however large or small.

Good luck Tnfivers! What are you waiting for? Get set to achieve your goals today.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Online Soccer Games

Can you get on to the scoreboard?

When you're not on the football pitch taking part in your very own TN5 league, why not try out your skills on our online game?

Can you beat the game with no name? now has its very own interactive game! Catch the balls in the goalie gloves and score points and extra time. Be on the lookout for the special TN5 footballs - catch these and you can score big points! However, you MUST avoid the danger balls at all cost, or risk losing lives AND precious time.

Don't forget to submit your score to be in with a chance of making it onto the homepage. See if you can beat other players in your area!

What's the Name of the Game?

But what's the name of the game? Well, that's just it..........there is no name yet. That's because we're giving YOU the chance to name it. See our 'Competitions' page in Player Zone for more details.


Be a winner with

 It's competition time at TN5!

How would you like to have the honour of naming's brand new online game?

The game with no name

The aim of the game is to catch the balls in the goalie gloves as they fall from above, and score points and extra time. Players must be on the lookout for the special TN5 footballs - catch these and you can score big points! However, you MUST avoid the danger balls at all cost, or risk losing lives AND precious time. Scores can be submitted at the end of each game, so players can be in with a chance of making it on to the High Scores table on the homepage. It's a great chance to beat players from rival areas and teams!

So what do you think the name of this surprisingly addictive game should be? Email your suggestion along with your name and location to by October 1st 2013 and we will pick the best one. The winner will have the honour of naming the game and will be be announced on our Facebook page and on Twitter. 

Make sure you are following us on Twitter (@thenewfiveaside) and on Facebook (

How YOU play TN5

We want to create the ULTIMATE TNFIVE experience!

Although TN5 is based on a 3-team mini tournament format, there are no rules about changing the rules! As long as your games build in to your very own league of individuals, you can bring in whatever rules you like. 

Below are some great examples of how other leagues have adapted the rules to switch things up. Why not send us your 'rule change' ideas to explaining why it makes your game more interesting. We will continually update the suggestions, so keep checking for new ways to  improve your TNFIVE experience.

Tell us how you switch things up


'We play 6 minute games, but for the last minute (after 5 minutes of play) the referee introduces a second ball! It makes it a very frantic last 60 seconds, everyone has to be far more alert and it's far more difficult to close the game if you are winning'
Zak, Pudsey


'We play first to 2 goals, or a maximum of 6 minutes, winner stays on. However, in the last 2 minutes we have a powerplay where any goals count double. Therefore if someone is winning 1-0, a goal for the opposition means they win the game 2-1. It's amazing how often a team is leading, then suddenly they've lost and they're off the pitch!'
Jenna, Bradford

Football Tips

Hone your soccer skills

TN5 is a great new way to play 5 a-side football for players of all abilities. But why not try to improve your football skills outside of your TN5 league?

Share your techniques on

Below are the best methods and techniques used by other TN5 players and coaches. Some you can do as an individual, others with friends or team mates. We will continually update the list, so keep checking for new ideas. 

Remember to send us your own ideas and what works best for you and your other league players. Simpy email


Indoor practice ideal for beginners

'I found this youtube link to be a great little introduction to getting a good feel for the ball for my son, and something he could easily practice at home indoors'
Dave, Leeds


Teaching kids to head the ball PROPERLY

'Heading is one of the last things kids tend to learn, and largely shy away from. Often underestimated,  but it involves as much technique as passing if it is done right. Although a little wordy, the drills in the link below are a good way to get kids started on how to head the ball PROPERLY!'
Neil, Wakefield

Healthy Living Tips

Get fit with tnfive

Here at we are passionate about health and fitness. Keep an eye on this page for regular updates on fitness and healthy eating tips, and don't forget to send us your own! If you have some great ideas to share with the TNFIVE community, please send us an email to and we will publish the best ones.

Get fit with friends

Please remember, you don't have to be the next Ronaldo to play and enjoy TN5. The beauty of our league system is that every individual is awarded points for being on the winning team, NOT the team as a whole. Just play for the sheer enjoyment of friendly competition and the knowledge that you are getting a little fitter each time!

Get moving!

At we salute any activity that gets you moving, whether that's 5 a-side, rugby, netball, golf, skateboarding or cycling. There are so many sports available so even if you'd prefer not to take part in a TN5 league, just do yourself a favour and find something that interests you and gets your body moving. You will be amazed by what you can achieve.

Keep on moving!

Challenge Yourself!

Co-founder of Mrs Tnfive has set herself some challenges over the years. These have ranged from tandem skydiving, to firewalking and her latest challenge is The Great North Run in September 2013. Now if you had told Mrs Tnfive this time last year that she would have been taking part in a half marathon, she probably would have laughed and carried on tucking in to the contents of the biscuit tin! But, what a difference a year makes. She's gone from a wheezing wreck that could only run for a bus (if absolutely necessary!) to being able to run at least 8 miles quite comfortably. What's the secret? Setting small, achievable goals. If she can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Mrs Tnfive completes a challenge