Thursday, 11 July 2013

Football Tips

Hone your soccer skills

TN5 is a great new way to play 5 a-side football for players of all abilities. But why not try to improve your football skills outside of your TN5 league?

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Below are the best methods and techniques used by other TN5 players and coaches. Some you can do as an individual, others with friends or team mates. We will continually update the list, so keep checking for new ideas. 

Remember to send us your own ideas and what works best for you and your other league players. Simpy email


Indoor practice ideal for beginners

'I found this youtube link to be a great little introduction to getting a good feel for the ball for my son, and something he could easily practice at home indoors'
Dave, Leeds


Teaching kids to head the ball PROPERLY

'Heading is one of the last things kids tend to learn, and largely shy away from. Often underestimated,  but it involves as much technique as passing if it is done right. Although a little wordy, the drills in the link below are a good way to get kids started on how to head the ball PROPERLY!'
Neil, Wakefield

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