Thursday, 11 July 2013

How YOU play TN5

We want to create the ULTIMATE TNFIVE experience!

Although TN5 is based on a 3-team mini tournament format, there are no rules about changing the rules! As long as your games build in to your very own league of individuals, you can bring in whatever rules you like. 

Below are some great examples of how other leagues have adapted the rules to switch things up. Why not send us your 'rule change' ideas to explaining why it makes your game more interesting. We will continually update the suggestions, so keep checking for new ways to  improve your TNFIVE experience.

Tell us how you switch things up


'We play 6 minute games, but for the last minute (after 5 minutes of play) the referee introduces a second ball! It makes it a very frantic last 60 seconds, everyone has to be far more alert and it's far more difficult to close the game if you are winning'
Zak, Pudsey


'We play first to 2 goals, or a maximum of 6 minutes, winner stays on. However, in the last 2 minutes we have a powerplay where any goals count double. Therefore if someone is winning 1-0, a goal for the opposition means they win the game 2-1. It's amazing how often a team is leading, then suddenly they've lost and they're off the pitch!'
Jenna, Bradford

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