Thursday, 18 July 2013

Challenge Yourself With

Find out how you can boost your confidence today

At we are not just about football. We believe in making life as fulfilling as possible, whether that is through sport or academic study. We support the growth and healthy development of young people through any form of hobby or interest. With this in mind, we are challenging members of the tnfive community to challenge themselves. 

Why are challenges important?

Mrs Tnfive on a charity Firewalk
Challenges of any kind can help to build self-confidence and self-esteem. Both are vital ingredients for the well-rounded individual. When we overcome obstacles that we thought were difficult or even impossible, our confidence and self-belief grows immensely. You may remember as a young child trying to learn a new skill. Did you learn overnight? Probably not. Were there tears and feelings of frustration as you battled to get to grips with the task at hand? Undoubtedly. Did you feel phenomenal once you had mastered your new found skill? Absolutely! Nothing worth doing is ever easy, but that feeling of getting over one of life's hurdles makes it all worthwhile.

Achievable goals

So who are we to tell you you need to challenge yourself? Well, we are just like you. Ordinary people. However, we just try to be that little bit extraordinary at times by stretching ourselves in ways we thought would previously be impossible. Over the past ten years between us we have racked up over 95km in charity runs, a tandem skydive and we've even walked over burning hot embers for a charity firewalk. Now don't worry, we're not expecting you to do the same sort of things! All we ask is that you set yourself a small, manageable goal and go for it.

Some good examples of achievable goals could include:

  • Running a mile non-stop
  • Scoring a goal in your next competitive football match
  • Getting your best grade ever in a subject that you find difficult
  • Eating healthily for at least a month
All of the above are simple challenges that can be achieved if you put your mind to it, and can be worked towards in your daily life. You don't need to drag yourself over hot coals to prove you are a superstar. Just choose a sensible goal and with determination you will feel your confidence and self-esteem soar.

Coming in to land after a 10,000ft skydive

Share your achievements

Don't forget to let us know about your achievements so that we can share them with the rest of the tnfive community. Simply email your story (along with an optional photo) to and we will publish your achievements, however large or small.

Good luck Tnfivers! What are you waiting for? Get set to achieve your goals today.

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